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Hidden cameras, GPS tracking devices, DVRs, and Discount Surveillance Equipment private investigators, private detectives, police detectives, and SIU Investigators.
NOTE: Continuing legislation regarding handgun/firearm laws in all states is a known factor and can lead to change and/or modifications in the present state laws, including but not limited to Reciprocity between states. Also consider the possibility of certain states either adding or removing states from their list of approval when new bills/laws have been ushered in by certain states. It is your responsibility to remain informed on which states recognize your state issued permit(s) prior to entering another state. You may find reference to state gun laws and requirements at various websites on the internet, such as or however keep in mind that the aforementioned website holds strong disclaimers on accuracies cited in their content. Therefore, it is our suggestion that you contact the state directly for their current handgun/firearm laws and restrictions. Neither Arizona Defensive Firearms Training nor RBI Defensive Firearms Training, both divisions of RB Investigations, LLC., are responsible for any changes or modifications to any of the CCW laws throughout any of the states or Reciprocity agreements between any of the states.
A Few of Rick's Favorites
All extremely accurate and reliable

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SIG P-229: .40 S&W
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Colt-1911 45 ACP
Government Size

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Berretta 92FS-9mm
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Kimber Eclipse
Pro - Target II
45 ACP
Commander Size

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Walther PPQ M2 9MM
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Glock Model 23 - 40 Cal
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Springfield XD
40 S&W

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