Student Reviews

"I attended the CCW class last night at Ben Avery and I'd like to say thank you for the excellent, no nonsense instruction. It's exactly what I was hoping for. As a matter of fact, I came home and signed up for the "Basic Defensive Pistol Course" as well. Josh S.

TO AZ DPS "First of all, I wish to thank the State of Arizona for your clear headed approach to the matters of citizens, firearms and, the 2nd Amendment. It is doubly refreshing when residing in a State where CCW's are often regarded as political favors. Secondly, I want to compliment your Instructor, Mr. Rick Barkett of ADFT. His abilities as an instructor became apparent as soon as the class began. He was very effective in imparting the message of the seriousness of firearms use and possession and at the same time putting the class at ease with his fluid teaching style. He had the ability to make seemingly dry material come quite alive. Amazingly, he caused the 8 hour instructional period to "fly" by and it seemed over almost as soon as it began. Believe me, I have been through some extremely dry class sessions - this one was the exception. Mr. Barkett deserves all the credit for it is surely due!" Steven S. P.E. (doc_adft)

"I just wanted to shoot you a little note telling you how much my wife and I enjoyed your class. It was very informative, and you and Don make a great team! My wife received her CCW yesterday, 5 days from when they signed to receive it until it's in our mailbox in California! You can't beat that for processing time. I just wanted to let you know how soon after the class my wife received her permit, it was a lot faster than I anticipated." Thanks for everything. Joe C.

"Rick: I recently attended your Basic Handgun Training and CCW Course and appreciated the preventative measures taken by you to avoid any unforeseen accidents which may occur while on the range. Your dedication and commitment to the instruction, safety and wellbeing of all participants, both on and off the range, are commendable. Chris R.

"Just wanted to thank you again for the ccw class last weekend. I must say that it was one of the most informative courses I have ever taken. You are a true master of your profession. Suffice it to say I will be taking your advanced defensive class in the near future." Thanks again. Dr. Brian D.

"Rick, Thanks for the CCW class, your instruction exceeded my expectations and am looking forward to taking more advanced classes with you later on." Thanks again. Jeff R.

"Rick, You are a true master and gentleman. I am impressed with the way you run your school! For over 5 years I taught the Leadership and Management School for the U.S. Navy, one of the subjects was leadership styles in various situational roles. You appropriately used 4 of the 5 styles during the 8 hr course. You used Authoritarian to set the tone of the class early in the day; Coach for those needing help on the range; Coerecer on the range for the people who did not listen and created an unsafe condition for others; Affiliator with the other instructor; You did not use Pacesetter and fire the weapons for other people. I will highly recommend this class to all people looking for any type of weapon course." Mike A. Merchant Marine Capt. Retired USN.

"Rick: First let me thank you for being such a professional, your instruction was great, you made it very interesting and I for one learned allot from you, especially to keep my finger off the trigger after every shot, taking this class really drove the thought of just how much responsibility comes with owning and carrying and using a weapon into my head, I have been around 'guns' all my life, took NRA classes when I was a boy scout and have hunted and shot recreationally all my life, I had to think hard about the fact that one day I may be put in a position that my life or the life of a family member or another person may be in jeopardy and I have the ability to do something about that, and I want to be prepared and able to do that. As I said, until I took your class, I didn't think of all the responsibility of carrying a weapon. It really opened up my eyes. I have allot of practice to do to become proficient with my weapon to the point of excellence. I just wanted to thank you and Don for your time and it was a pleasure meeting you and it was an honor learning from such a couple of professional people, take care and again thank you for all your instruction and help !" Mario M.

"Hey Rick: I thought I'd write and let you know how much I enjoyed your CCW class. I'm glad I made the trip. Being on the range and in the classroom with you made me realize that after 10-12 years of hobby shooting, I don't know half of what I thought I did about owning and effectively operating a handgun. You're an excellent speaker and teacher and you really communicate all necessary points well. Save a few moments here and there due to some "interesting" questions from attendees, I don't think there was a anything you said in that class that didn't carry weight and value that everyone who was listening could benefit from. I definitely feel inspired to further educate myself and practice." Thanks again..Best, Micah K.

"Rick: Thanks for another great class! I also want to tell you how sorry I am for not having been familar with my weapon before arriving to class. In fact, I only purchased it the night before the class and the first time it was out of the box was at the range with you. Your professionalism helped me overcome my anxiety and once again you were able to prove that you are a master in the classroom. I can say that with credibility since I am a former teacher of 20 years." Gary M.

"Rick, just a quick note to thank you again for the great CCW class on Saturday. It put a whole new perspective on the value of my life and that of my loved ones. Great job!" Best Regards, Rick C.

"I was in Rick Barkett's CCW class and I just received my CCW permit and wanted to just tell you what a privilege it was to attend his class. Both me and my brother in law, who also attended this class, admired Rick's information and stern attitude for this course. This class should be taught with seriousness and respect and that's how Rick Barkett taught our class."Thank You. Mike Z.

"Good Instructor. Kept things moving and interesting. Very Knowledgeable. This was my first experience shooting a handgun and already I feel leaps and bounds ahead of others who have not taken any type of formal instruction". Matt S.

"I've taken other training courses and this has been the best". John H.

"Great Class! I will take more advanced classes. Learned a lot". Jack S.

"Rick my permit arrived in today's mail my home state is Oklahoma and now that I am retired I will be traveling back and forth at will.Just wanted to thank you for a very interesting and a good heads up presentation of your class.I received my first firearm at age thirteen and I walked away with some very good information from your class,one is never to old to take get new and current gun laws.Thanks again." FLB Ontario,Ca.

"Rick, I received my CCW today and it only took six days including the day I mailed it. I'm from Washington State so even the out of state people get great service. I thought your class was excellent. Your command of the range was was admirable. I've gone to too many ranges where safety isn't demanded but merely "asked". Too many times the same people are always being told to not handle weapons when the range is cold. But that never happened with you in charge. Thanks for making it safe and fun." DGR

"I attended your class last weekend and this is the first chance I've had to sit down and drop you a note. Just wanted to tell you that I enjoyed the class immensely. I found it extremely informative, thought provoking and worthwhile. I was never board. I must tell you, I was most impressed with the patience you exhibited. My own feeling is that some people should simply not be permitted to carry a weapon and I thought we had a few such folks in that class. But, you worked within the framework of the law and showed incredible patience to those who seemed to be intellectually and/or mechanically challenged. In my opinion, the few who didn't make it through the class were better off without a CCW anyway. Gun safety is very serious business and I was very happy to see how you handled those who didn't take it so. Anyway, thank you again for sharing your knowledge. I'll see you in four years for the refresher class." Bill

"I enjoyed the class and found the concepts presented to be VERY useful. Especially the mental conditioning. I would like to take your defensive pistol course when one is offered. Thank you for the good job you did teaching the course. Considering the students and the seriousness of the course, you have a remarkable amount of patience. Steve T.

"I just wanted to say thank you for a very informative CCW class on December 20th. Within just the first few minutes of the class, your experience and professionalism became very obvious. Your depth of knowledge and real-life experience is priceless. I would, have, and continue to, refer people to you that require a CCW permit. I can’t say strongly enough how impressed I was with you and the content of your class. Thank you!" Scott

"I meant earlier to thank you for the fine manner in which you ran our CCW renewal class on 11 December. It is not easy for the everyday citizen to appreciate the huge importance of safety and sharp attention when carrying or employing a deadly weapon.Thanks & All the Best for Christmas." Tom

"The course was great & I'm glad I got the chance to finally get there & meet you,...thanks again! One thing I neglected to put on the course evaluation was: - I appreciated your NO-NONSENSE approach at the live fire. All of the previous times I have been at military or police ranges or, as I used to do, the NRA range in Fairfax, VA. One could "usually" depend on a group of people at those ranges to be "safe" - "safer" or understand some level of discipline greater than what you have to deal with - an unknown entity! I liked your NO-NONSENSE APPROACH! Have a great NRA day," John

"Rick: I have taken your CCW - renewal course on Jan. 18th and found it to be the best course around and you asked for any feedback concerning the CCW issues. If you have a copy of the most recent Guns and Ammo, go to page 26 for a commentary on the CCW issues. It parallels some of the information you taught at the class. Just FYI. Thanks for your help with the target acquisition problem I had. I really enjoyed the course." Bob H.

"Rick, Just recently I attended your CCW/Security Firearm Training Class. I'm employed by Anderson Security Agency and was there for my security armed license training. I wanted to commend you on your course of instruction. Throughout my many years of training, from Alaska to Florida, your class was the most informative and instructive on firearm training I have ever received. I'm looking forward to taking your Course #3 class in Basic Defensive Handgun. I hope you will be the training officer of the class. I'm looking forward to seeing you again. Thanks Again for the informative class....." Dennis H.

"Was Great! Enjoyed It. Facility was excellent. Covered basics with just enough real life "war stories" to make pertinent" M.E.  

"Great Class! Worth the 1600 miles I came to take it - Don't change anything". Thanks. Caid McK.

"I just finished my CCW Renewal with Rick a couple of weeks ago. I took my first CCW class with Rick and I came back to RBI because of the outstanding service this group provides. Rick is a great instructor. I can't wait to take one of his defensive handgun courses. Thanks again" Larry S.

"Rick, Dawn and I wanted to thank you for the AZCCW course we just attended. The "hurricane" during qualifying on Sunday only added to the experience! The material, lectures and participation were wonderfully presented. We both learned a lot from you and are glad we decided to drive the hour from Chandler to attend your class. You have 2 very satisfied customers on this end! You can expect to hear from us to make arrangements to attend one of your practical training classes shortly. Thanks again" Marty. (EM11/24)

"Rick, My wife Lori and I want to thank you so much for todays class. We learned alot from you and are better handgun owners because of your class. We look forward to taking future class with you and maybe also some day working with you." Dale & Lori P.

"Excellent course; effective use of time." Douglas W.

"Mr. Barkett presented himself and instructed the class well. Job well done." Lanier F.

"Afternoon Rick, Wanted to take the time to thank you for teaching the class yesterday and extending to some in the class an Extreme amount of patience in their questions. I was able to take a great deal from the course and look forward to continuing with future courses offered by you..... Thank you again" Erik V

"This 2 day class was very complete and presented the training in a very useful way -- not "True/False" but a real world "what-if" context. It made me think in the same way we will have to think on the street. The technical/shooting portion was very helpful -- I learned things about my own gun that isn't in any manual! Results: I got my non-resident CCW permit 12 days after course completion. I can't wait for the next class of "Basic Defensive Handgun Training." Bottomline:Very useful, Very helpful, Very good." 

"My wife and I traveled from MN to AZ to take this class specifically from Mr. Barkett. Mr. Barkett isn't exactly the "Welcome Wagon" nor the Emily Post of gun school, but defensive pistol shooting isn't something you will ever read about in Julia Childs' cookbook or Martha Stuart's magazine.....rightly so...Barkett sends a good message. Draw with conviction, shoot well, and practice. His class isn't the end of the road it's only the beginning. I am pleased to say this class is FAR BETTER than any NRA gun class in the midwest. Do yourself a favor and take the NRA class in AZ." "Mr. Barkett's class, while "short-and-sweet" by being only 16 hours long, covers a lot of great information which you'll hear again in other , more intensive, schools like Thunder Ranch, etc. That's because the message is the same....never blame or shoot the messenger. My wife and I are graduates of numerous classes at Thunder Ranch and it was VERY reassuring to see and hear Mr. Barkett echo all of the same training we have been accustomed to hearing at formal tactical gun schools." "Barkett's class is a must as an entry level class. In addition, It's noteworthy to mention Mr. Barkett has the patience of a saint when it comes to instructing others. He's committed to see that you UNDERSTAND what is being presented. That's refreshing for novices and experienced shooters as well. Do yourself a favor and take the AZ CCW class from Mr. Barkett."  Robert & Jody B. Duluth, MN USA 

"First of all: Rick, a sincere Thank You for conducting a CCW class with style, substance and an engaging personality! Second point: White/Yellow/Orange/Red" If these colors, as presented, are meaningless to you... then YOU need Rick's CCW class! I deliberately chose to drive all the way from Mesa to be instructed by Rick, and I consider it to be one of the best decisions I have ever made. CCW is not something to be taken lightly, and Rick is very good at delivering deadly- serious material in a non-threatening and eye-opening, but also entertaining, manner. Get your AZ/CCW from Rick, and know that you are well-trained!" Jim W. Mesa, AZ USA 

"I would like to express how much I enjoyed your class and would recommend it to anyone wanting an Arizona CCW. I found the information you gave very valuable. I feel the class had a nice pace and was not boring, which it could very easily have been. I am thinking very strongly of taking your intermediate level class. If you give as much valuable information in it as in the class I took, then it would be invaluable to anyone with a CCW. The only suggestion I have is to inform applicants from out of state, especially California, that Arizona does put a restriction on which handguns you can carry and the firearm you bring is for qualification. Not all states are as enlightened as Arizona." Phil H. Alta Loma, CA USA 

"I thought this class was great. I look forward to the opportunity to take tactics classes. Thank You."

"Great course. I was pleasantly surprised. Recommend this course to all my friends."

"You do an excellent job. Keep that positive up-beat attitude. Thank You."

"Great Instructor. Great Course. Hope we meet again. Will send referrals to you. Thank You."

"Rick is very professional and likeable at the same time - a breath of fresh air in these times of trouble."

"Rick is very engaging, an excellent instructor, and is an expert in the subject matter."

"Observed Instructor Barkett to be very people oriented person. Also noted his patience with a female instructee that lacked confidence and skill." Bravo Z.

"Fine and capable instructor. Very supportive."

 "Now I know why Rick comes so highly recommended by so many people - I plan on attending classes of his in the future."

"Thoroughly enjoyed your class - Have attended classes in California, and yours was the most informative I have ever had."

"Rick did an excellent job of presentation and I really liked the real life examples."

"I think the class was great and learned a lot. The instructor really got his point across in all subjects."

"Excellent interaction with instructor."

"Overall this course was outstanding. I think many more gun owners should take this class or a class similar to it. Great job Rick."

"Hey Rick! I just wanted to say thanks for the quality training and fantastic customer service you gave me. I was a short-notice addition to your ccw renewal course back in December, and remembered what you told us about your website's database...well, I just got stationed in Kentucky, and your site has been a wealth of information. l'm in the process of getting my KY permit now, and thanks to your information, it's been a painless affair. (By the way, my Colt's jamming was caused by a poorly tuned extractor--Good troubleshooting!) Keep up the good work!" SSgt Ron A. USAF 332 Recruiting Squadron, Lexington KY

"Instructor was very informative and patient. Gave detailed answers to insure everyone is clear."

"I would take other classes put on by RBI and Rick."

"Rick B did a great job of making the class interesting and keeping our attention. Kudos!

"Rick Barkett is an outstanding person and instructor. Whooah!

"Thank You for an interesting and valuable course."

"I highly recommend this course to any handgun owner. Rick Barkett is a very knowledgeable instructor and I feel confident in myself because of this knowledge. A great teacher!"

"Could not ask for or have wanted a better teacher."

"Enjoyed your class. You made it comfortable. Look forward to some more of your classes. Thank You."

"Rick Barkett is an excellent instructor. His expertise really comes through without showing off or boasting."

"I think every gun owner should take this course. Thanks."

"The entire course I found beneficial. I will recommend this course to others I know."

"I look forward to taking another class with this instructor in the future."

"A very good course. Too bad all gun owners don't have to take it."

"I have enjoyed the class and will recommend this class to other people planning to acquire their CCW."

"I really enjoyed the class. Rick was an excellent instructor. I look forward to attending future classes with RBI."

"Instructor made this 16 hour marathon bearable."

"Learned a lot about laws and use of deadly force. Was educational."

"Very informative and enjoyable. Highly recommend it for everyone to take, even if they don't want to carry a concealed weapon."

"I really enjoyed the training I received in this class. Would recommend this class to others."

"Good course overall. Best instructor."

"Instructor was patient and well informed. Showed patience when asked unintelligent questions."

"Instructor made material interesting and logical."

"Instructor exhibited concern for each student and was very helpful in clarifying every question."

"Great Course! I thoroughly enjoyed it and got a lot of good information out of it."

"Very good course for everyone."

"Very effective training. It should be required as part of regular training for law enforcement officers."

"Training very well presented and informative."

"The overall course was good. I usually do not give the best scores. The course was definitely not a waste of time."

"Professional Instructor with good sense of humor. Life experience of instructor lends credibility to his teaching."

"Mr. Barkett is an energetic and interesting speaker. His teaching skills are appreciated."

"I have enjoyed this course and am pleased with the knowledge I have gained."

"I had my reservations at first, but I am glad that I attended."

"I enjoyed the class and found it to be beneficial and necessary before receiving a CCW."

"The instructor was well prepared and informative."

"I highly recommend this class to all gun owners."

"Nice to have an informed instructor who actually knows how to instruct. Great course!"

"Instructor very helpful with showing improved ways in our shooting."

"I believe if everyone would take this class, we will be better off and we will have a safer society."

"Rick made the class interesting which was great since I expected something dry and boring. Thank You Rick!"

"This course is excellent. The confidence instilled will be retained because of instructor's teaching technique."

"The instructor was patient and informative and treated each of us as though we were priority and respected us as individuals. I feel more confident and safer as a result of this course. I will be attending courses available to me in the future. Thank You."

"Great Job! I look forward to taking Basic Defensive Handgun Training."

"Very effective. Clear. concise, thorough!"

"Given the valuable information and the fact that it was made so enjoyable by the instructor, I feel that everyone should take at least this class for a better awareness in general. It could only be improved by spending more time with this exceptional instructor."

"Effectively presented in a very pleasant manner."

"Enjoyed your scenarios and appreciated your patience. Great overall knowledge and good material handouts. Good class to take. I look forward to taking additional training for self defense."

"Instructor keeping class involved was excellent. Extremely professional and informative."

"I thought the instructor was very professional, helpful, knowledgeable - good overall."